About Us

With well over a decade of experience in bridging the gap between classroom and remedial learning the Maths Ace 4-Step learning method has remained almost unchanged since the programme was first created. Mathematics is a continuous learning subject so it is important that firm foundations are built in order to progress through the curriculum. Mathematics is the basis of logic and vital in numerative and cognitive development which means that maths is integral to everyday living. Mathematical Literacy

was introduced into the NCS in 2008 to address the millions of South African school learners who had no exposure to any form of mathematics if they dropped maths in high school. Mathematical Literacy is designed to make everyday maths relevant to learners and their life experiences. Maths Ace with its 4-Step learning approach allows for individual learning where the learner is taken through the curriculum material in a way that aids understanding and allows the learner to build their

confidence before testing their knowledge at the end of each curriculum section. With more than 10 years experience in developing remedial programmes, Maths Ace knows that success lies in the straight forward approach we take to mathematics learning.

Mathematics is a language that makes use of symbols and notations for describing numerical, geometric and graphical relationships. It is a human activity that involves observing, representing and investigating patterns and qualitative relationships in physical and social phenomena and between mathematical objects themselves. It helps to development mental processes that enhance logical and critical thinking, accuracy and problem solving that will contribute in decision-making.”

While our tried and trusted learning method is not set to change anytime soon the programme content is constantly evolving to reflect any changes in the National Curriculum Statement as well as incorporate the revision associated with the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS). Maths Ace continually aims to deliver a


programme that ensures as close as possible match between the material presented in the classroom and the material the learner will engage with at home. Alongside the changes to the content the programme design and layout are also updated to ensure that the material is presented in a practical, easy to use format. In terms of the


presentation of the content Maths Ace once again aims to replicate the way the learner is taught in the classroom environment. For this reason we present our programme in a format that requires a learner to write using a pen and paper much as in a classroom and test environment.


Molefi from Johannesburg
“ My child was really battling with maths at school. Maths Ace came to the school and explained the programme. I went for a demonstration and knew that this would make a difference. Now my child is doing much better, she is passing and happy to do maths. Thank you Maths Ace.”

Zinzi from Newcastle
I never liked mathematics, it was hard and I didn’t pass. Maths Ace came to my school and showed us the programme. I told my Mum about it and we bought the programme. I am now passing and have a hope of going to university, all because of Maths Ace!

Thuli from Soweto
This works. Both my children have been doing badly in high school. I was so excited about Maths Ace, both kids can use the programme, they fight over computer time! It’s great. I know they have a future with maths.